Sample Lesson

Genesis 5: Adam’s Line to Noah

Genesis 5 Summary

Genesis 5 Presentation

Genesis 5 Song

This song actually comes from 1 Chronicles 1, but you will hear the same names at the beginning of it as those found in Genesis 5. They are all worth learning.

Key Ideas

Seth to Noah

Godly Line

Ages of the Chosen Line




Review Questions

  • How does Seth’s line to Noah contrast with Cain’s line?
  • How does the listing of Seth’s line in Genesis 5 differ from the listing of Cain’s line in Genesis 4?
  • Who in the line of Seth never died?
  • What is significant about the fact that the ages of the patriarch of Genesis 5 are given along with their ages when their sons are born?
  • Thought Question: Can you calculate the number of years following creation that the Flood occurred?